API Guides

If API documentation is like referencing an encyclopedia, then API guides are like a good novel. They take you through the flows, help you understand what is needed to build a great integration, and should leave you feeling ready to become an integration hero. After reviewing these materials you will be able to start mapping data flows, models, & attributes between UKG Pro & your system.

Our API guides generally contain this information:

  • Product Overview - Introduction to the relevant software & user interfaces
  • Flows & Diagrams - Visual representations of business processes step-by-step
  • Configuration - Details on how to setup underlying integration components
  • Security - Authorization, authentication, & headers
  • Validations - Required fields & business rules

Other optional sections may be included for Versioning, Pagination, Headers, Postman collections if applicable, etc

Once you are a registered UKG Pro Connector Hub user you will receive links & access to API guides relevant to your integrations.