Betas for Partner Integrations

Once joint Ultimate & partner integrations have been verified & validated as performant, secure, & reliable we will want to conduct a controlled Beta with 2-5 joint customers. We will use findings & results of these test cases to improve the product/process, and to make a go/no go decision on launching the integration to the entire customer base.

Some of the profiles we will evaluate to identify joint customers for Beta are:

  • Customer Size?

  • Already Live?

  • New Customer?

  • Leveraging Competitor Integration?

  • Leveraging Existing Custom Integration?

  • Account Status?

Once we agree on customer targets based on these profiles, our ERMs, CSMs, and Account Managers will communicate to specific clients to discuss being part of Beta and related documentation to share.

We will jointly review Beta success criteria with the selected customers before engaging in the Beta activation & rollout process. Once that process is complete we will jointly make a decision on rolling out the integration to the entire customer base.