Design Spec Checklist

UltiPro Connect integrations value working software over comprehensive documentation & want to keep the process simple, so we have created a checklist for you to submit outlining the integration you want to create. For our development partners, the process will be like this:

1. You will receive a checklist to describe approach & requirements in the following categories: (where applicable)

  • Availability
  • Bulk Operations
  • Development Environment
  • Events
  • Functionality Summary
  • Logging/Auditing
  • Performance
  • Rate Limiting
  • Sanitization
  • Security
  • Serviceability
  • Testing

2. Both our groups will discuss preferred approaches and/or any questions that need to be answered to fill out the checklist.

3. Ultimate will review the checklist with our Architecture & Security teams and get back to you with any key concerns that require addressing.

That's it.