Frequently Asked Questions

What is UltiPro Connect?
UltiPro® Connect is a centralized hub that enables customers, partners, and the prospective community to browse and stay connected with the latest innovations on integrations. Engineered to simplify, standardize, and automate UltiPro® import, export, and event-based integrations, members can engage with each other and contribute to the UltiPro® ecosystem.

In its initial rollout, UltiPro® Connect will be focused on helping partners build integrations. Developers will be required to register in UltiPro® Connect so we are able to track which groups are building integrations. Registered members can view Ultimate’s APIs and supporting documentation as well as build and test integrations in sandbox environments. Once certified, partners can publish their integrations for customer consumption, minimizing the need for custom integrations.

How do I become a registered user?
Most of our resources are available publicly without logging in. Ultimate Software customers can login using their UltiPro® username/password and their 'Company Access Code'. For information on getting the code click here. UltiPro Developer Network ("UDN") partners should use the credentials emailed to them to access the system.

How do I authenticate to APIs?
Users logged into UltiPro® Connect can view our guides on Login Token Auth, Basic Auth, or oAuth Authentication depending on which method is used for the API. Due to the sensitive nature of security around this content it is not available to unauthorized users.

How do I get a sandbox?
Development sandboxes are currently available only to UltiPro® Developer Network ("UDN") partners. Sandbox URLs and user account information will be emailed to UDN organization's registered developers as part of the onboarding process. Click here to view more about setup or contact us if further help is needed.

Which API(s) should I use?
Some APIs are generally available only to official partners such as Background Check Integration APIs and Benefits Integration APIs. All other published APIs should be available for customers & 3rd party integrations to use in building integrations.

What integrations can I build?
One of the most common integrations we see is using UltiPro® as the employee system of record and using APIs to extract employee records/changes, org levels, jobs, and locations. We are adding more APIs in the future so check the News and Documentation pages often for new offerings.

What if I can't find what I'm looking for or how do I get help on APIs?
Check out the Help page for solutions to common requests.