Imports BETA

Importing data means moving data from a source to target … this is what traditional ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) data tools do.

Due to the number and types of systems that want to integrate with UltiPro, many tools and many people currently collaborate using manual means to get data into UltiPro. That's why we have decided to build Imports - one easily extensible self-service imports engine to get data anywhere into UltiPro

Imagine being able to upload, edit, point, and click to get data into UltiPro. With Imports we have implemented guardrails to ensure imports is a black box in the middle of a more automated process that facilitates data ingress & validation. These are our three key requirements for the system:

  1. Handle large amounts of data efficiently
  2. Allow validating and correcting data
  3. Support growing and changing targets

What we've put together so far is a metadata-driven architecture that will allow extension through configuration, not development. The interface allows users to track, correct, and submit batches in a user interface via UltiPro Connect. REST APIs for existing UltiPro business processes and other REST API systems are compatible to build on and extend the Imports engine.

Users import batches of records into the system and view them in a table view containing batch type, timestamp, status, record count along with the following capabilities:

  • Delete batches
  • Filter by batch status and batch filter
  • Refresh table view

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