Partner Launch Process

At this phase our teams have successfully created integrations between UltiPro and your product and have successfully verified/validated their performance, security, & reliability. They have even been able to conduct a successful Beta rollout with a few of our joint customers. Now it's time to make a splash and release our new joint integration to the market. Here is an outline of the process we'll follow:

  1. Review Process
    1. SLA review
    2. Knowledge sharing session
    3. Support/Escalation readiness review
    4. Go/No Go decision
  2. Induction 
    1. Lead capture form enabled
    2. Transition to Production
  3. Market Launch 
    1. Talk Track
    2. Screenshots/Video
    3. Documents/Presentations
    4. Integration Pricing/Tiers (if applicable)
    5. Press Release (if applicable)

Launch process deliverables may be tracked on the same task board as the rest of the project so everyone has a total picture of the countdown to launch.