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With over 20 years of Global Payroll experience, our services span over 140 countries, delivering global consistency, regional coordination and local expertise to over 1,200 customers. With a flexible global payroll process utilizing our highly configurable SaaS platform, activ8, we process payrolls of all shapes and sizes. With a customer retention rate of 99.98%, you can count on activpayroll to provide passionate service, industry expertise, flexible solutions, full accountability, and award-winning support.

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What You Get

Global Payroll

With activpayroll, you get regionally coordinated and locally delivered payroll service available in every corner of the world, tailored to your requirements and delivered by local payroll professionals.

Global Mobility

We offer a comprehensive suite of core compliance, planning, and advisory solutions to ensure that any organization can achieve complete employment tax compliance across the globe.

Audits & Compliance

Our experienced teams ensure you meet your legislative payroll and employment tax obligations in all the international territories you operate. We also provide a wide range of payroll audit services.

International Payment Solution

activpayroll’s reliable, accurate, and fully managed payment solution delivers payment to employees and third-parties throughout the world, irrespective of location or recipient bank.


Our flexible online platform, activ8, is a suite of automation-enabling, web-based modules that provide secure organization, collation, distribution, and reporting on all aspects of your payroll data.

Local Employee Support

activpayroll’s global network of highly skilled, locally based payroll professionals deliver support via our unique global payroll processing model in both the local language and English.

How It Works

Ensuring your employees are paid timely and accurately is a critical foundation for any organization, and this becomes increasingly complex as you expand into multiple countries.

As a multinational business, regardless of country or workforce size, you need a global payroll provider you can trust to understand the various country-specific requirements, while delivering a comprehensive and efficient service necessary to move your company forward.

Ultimate’s partnership with activpayroll provides a standard, bi-directional payroll integration to quickly and easily exchange employee data between UltiPro® and activ8. Global employees’ demographic, banking, and other pay-related information is sent from UltiPro to activ8, where payroll processing is managed.

Once payroll is complete, activ8 sends the gross-to-net details to UltiPro. This allows your employees to access their pay history in UltiPro, while providing you the ability to gain comprehensive insights by combining HCM and total workforce costs globally.

Through this partnership, customers can enjoy an effective path to address regulatory compliances, accelerate time-to-implementation, and eliminate duplicate data entry.

activpayroll’s unique service provides:

  • Scalable and compliant global payroll solutions
  • Unparalleled flexibility toward complex needs
  • Tailored, technology-driven services
  • Flexible international payment solution
  • International & local expertise
  • Global mobility services
  • SaaS-based activ8 payroll management and data collection platform

To set up and enable this integration, visit our Global Rollout Toolkit. You must be an Ultimate Software customer to log in and access this site.

Customer Results


"activpayroll helped us build and deploy consolidated payroll services across eight European countries at a monthly pace. This allowed HR to centralize our international operations and provide focus to strategic services. Additionally, the company’s global experience allowed for the rapid 4-week activation of Bahamas expatriates due to a recent acquisition."

Current Customer | VP, Total Reward & HR Technology


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