Essential Platform for Frontline Workers

We believe in the power of the connected workforce. Beekeeper provides an essential platform connecting people, processes, and systems so that everyone can access the information they need in a secure way and from a simple user interface.

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What You Get

Communication App

Beekeeper is a digital workplace app that connects desk and non-desk employees across locations and departments in real time to help you improve internal communication and streamline business processes.

Maximum Productivity

The average frontline worker wastes three hours each week searching for information. Put the schedules, workflows, and contacts they need right at their fingertips with Beekeeper.

UltiPro® Integration

UltiPro and Beekeeper offer an integration that enables you to automatically onboard all employees in UltiPro on to Beekeeper and keep your employee roster up to date–reducing manual entry and errors.

Employee Engagement

Make sure HR information reaches your frontline teams. With Beekeeper, you can automate onboarding, streamline training, and digitize employee surveys, so HR can support your team effectively.

Improved Safety

Reduce safety incidents with improved documentation and efficient communication by confirming received or read messages, digitizing health and safety forms, and streamlining processes.

Customized Communications

Increase engagement by 300% with an app that was built for your frontline workforce. Segment your audience. Schedule messages. Analyze communications to ensure they’re relevant, timely, and actionable.

How It Works

Successful organizations understand the importance of productivity in the workplace—it boosts morale, improves culture, and has a direct impact on business growth.

Beekeeper partners with Ultimate Software to provide a communication app that brings employees together with the information and resources they need to get work done as effortlessly and intelligently as possible. Simply share information across teams, broadcast announcements, or communicate with employees privately.

Our seamless integration offers the ability to automatically onboard all employees from UltiPro on to Beekeeper, ensuring your employee roster is always up to date and reducing manual entry and errors.

With this integration, you can ensure security, easily manage employee access, and prohibit former employees from seeing sensitive, confidential information.

With Beekeeper you can:

  • Provide frontline workers with an easy-to-use platform that covers their daily workflows and optimizes performance
  • Connect and align every department to help each employee reach their full potential and elevate company culture
  • Help frontline teams access information fast with flexible navigation extensions and automated workflows
  • Track who has received or read messages to ensure the right people are getting the information they need, when they need it
  • Access engagement and activation data through the Admin Dashboard to get better insight and uncover trends that guide operational improvements

With UltiPro and Beekeeper, leaders can manage the entire workforce, all from one place, and get everyone on the same page to drive more consistent operations at the frontline.

Customer Results

Seaboard Foods

"The quickest and easiest way to get critical information out is on Beekeeper. I can make 50 phone calls and not get the same result that I can get in just 35-40 seconds on the platform."

Jeremiah Mallard | Animal Handling Transport Manager


Resource Library

Beekeeper offers a library of resources, full of case studies and white papers, and all searchable by category, function, and industry–ensuring you find the right-fit content.

Explore our resource library.

Communication & Collaboration App

Beekeeper is transforming the digital workplace for frontline employees. To learn how we help save time, reduce coordination effort, and drive productivity, click the link below.

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