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Founded on the belief there was a better way to offer employee benefits, we’ve built our cloud-based technology and processes around a unique, laser-focus on client service delivery and support. Our commitment to creative problem solving, scalable systems, and full accountability helps assure our clients’ success, including healthcare organizations, major universities and educational institutions, large enterprises, and growing businesses.

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What You Get

Benefits Administration

Our fully outsourced solution, My Benefit Express™, simplifies your benefits administration responsibilities and helps employees make informed decisions–enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction.

Enrollment Solutions

bCEnroll is an enrollment solution with optimized automation for brokers and employers. This provides a seamless enrollment process and assures year-round benefits administration and enrollment success.

Decision Support Tools

Our BeneFITwise tool ensures your employees understand their benefit options by applying nationwide data and assessing their risk tolerance and financial preferences to help them make best-fit decisions.

Reimbursement Solutions

Working directly with carriers, we free you from the time-intensive task of collecting COBRA premiums from plan participants and can help manage FSAs and HSAs to further reduce your administrative burden.

ACA Compliance

Our ACAManager accurately manages data year-over-year, effectively audits information, and successfully E-files to the IRS with just one click. Our form and fulfillment services ensure your compliance.

Customer Care

Our experienced customer care professionals have extensive call center and service backgrounds with deep benefits knowledge to help your employees in resolving issues.

How It Works

Making the right benefits choices can be intimidating for employees—comparing options, finding answers to their questions, and completing the sign-up process. Even benefits administrators can get overwhelmed with assisting employees, auditing information, and fixing discrepancies.

Ultimate Software partners with benefitexpress to help make the benefits process easy to understand and a breeze to use–by anyone–and the investment in the health and wellness of your workforce undeniably valuable–for everyone.

A custom integration between UltiPro® and My Benefit Express™ enables the exchange of employee demographic data, payroll data, and benefits deduction data between the two systems, allowing employers to eliminate duplicate data entry, minimize paperwork, and increase workforce efficiencies.

*In order to integrate your user data, a Service Request is required.

Customer Results

Atlas Copco North America LLC

"We have complexity in our data with multiple legal entities and over 30 pay schedules. The benefitexpress team has managed this well for years."

Beth Woods | Manager, HR Service Center


Benefit Administration Resources

With everything from webinars hosted by our compliance experts to interactive calculators that show the real value of upgrading your benefits, we have the tools benefits pros (and aspiring experts) need to be successful.

Access our benefit administration resources.

benefitexpress Blog

Are you benefits wise? We make the benefits process easy to understand and breeze to use–for anyone–and make investing in the health and wellness of the workforce unquestionably uncomplicated and undeniably valuable–for everyone.

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