Post jobs all over the world.

Delivering an average of 250 million job postings a year in 180 countries and territories, eQuest is the world's most utilized job posting distribution company with one goal in mind: connecting companies with job seekers.

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What You Get

Greater Reach

eQuest integrates with hundreds of job boards worldwide, enabling you to post a job once in UltiPro® Recruiting and have it distributed to many different job boards for greater reach and time savings.

Guaranteed Delivery

eQuest guarantees delivery to any job board destination, including top job sites, niche boards, colleges and universities, mobile devices, and social networking portals.

Better Matching

Increase your candidate-to-job match rate by receiving recommendations on which job boards to post opportunities, based on job category, job title, skills, and more.

Higher Application Rates

Schedule posting dates with real-time recommendations, based on when candidates are most likely to apply for your available job opportunities.

Larger Candidate Pool

Once candidates click on a job posting to apply, they are automatically directed back to UltiPro Recruiting to complete the job application, helping you build your candidate pool.

Measurable Results

Real-time analytics and tracking capabilities help you identify which job boards are providing the most qualified candidates, so you can best allocate your resources.

How It Works

Finding the right talent to move your business forward can be challenging.

Many leaders often question where to advertise open opportunities in order to get the most exposure and, ultimately, attract the right talent.

That's why Ultimate Software integrates with eQuest, one of the leading job board aggregators in the HR industry, to post to any global, third-party job board quickly and easily using UltiPro Recruiting.

As candidates apply on any of the selected job boards, they are re-directed back to your UltiPro career page to apply.


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