Reducing costs and workload.

Workforce Solutions from Equifax provides insightful human capital solutions for the HR, payroll, tax, and compliance needs of today's employers.

Equifax is also the recipient of Ultimate Software's 2019 Collaborator of the Year award. This award recognizes the partner who works lock-and-step with Ultimate to create forward-thinking programs, solutions, or resources in order to drive customer engagement, increase retention, and provide a best-in-class customer experience.

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What You Get

Instant Verification

The Work Number® provides automated employment and income verification to accelerate decisions for credit, loans, and government assistance on behalf of employees.

No-Cost Benefit

The Work Number–a no-cost service–benefits employers with time savings and increased security. Employees benefit because of privacy and improved opportunities for credit, loans, and aid.

Controlled Access

The Work Number complies with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, requiring all verifiers to go through a credentialing process to ensure access to information is legitimate.

Cost Management

Unemployment Cost Management, provided by Equifax, lowers unemployment costs by streamlining claims processing, recovering erroneous benefits charges, and providing expert guidance.

Automated Compliance

Our award-winning technology helps employers automate compliance with complex ACA regulations. Equifax has managed ACA compliance for over 48 million employees and more than 67,000 companies.

Maximized Tax Credits

Our proprietary Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Management technology identifies and certifies more eligible applicants by simplifying the process and streamlining the document collection required.

How It Works

Employees encounter life events and financial choices as consumers, such as buying a home, a car, or applying for government benefits.

That’s why Ultimate Software partners with The Work Number® from Equifax to offer an automated employment and income verification solution that streamlines the transfer of payroll information to verifiers–minimizing administrative tasks and enabling HR to focus on strategic people management initiatives.

Our integration enables the exchange of employee data from UltiPro® into The Work Number from Equifax. The database is updated every payroll cycle with employer-provided data. That way, verifiers can always count on getting access to detailed salary, income, and work history information needed to make credit or program qualification decisions.

The Work Number from Equifax complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and all employee information is protected by unparalleled security credentials and certifications. With a secure and automated verification process, the risk of human error is greatly reduced.

With The Work Number from Equifax, you’ll get:

  • Automated, secure process for employment and income verifications
  • Reduced risk liability as payroll information is provided by Ultimate via an integration
  • Increased time savings for staff and reduced costs for the organization
  • Faster consent and approval process for employees
  • Instant employment and income verification services 24/7

To learn more about how The Work Number from Equifax can help manage employee verification requests from lenders and landlords and reduce manual work for your HR employees, watch our short video.

Customer Results


"If you’re not with Equifax, you’re missing out! Equifax is the right fit for us, providing a one-stop shop for three valuable HR services, including The Work Number."

Denise Hutchinson | HRIS Director


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