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Workforce Solutions from Equifax provides insightful human capital solutions for the HR, payroll, tax, and compliance needs of today's employers.

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What You Get

Instant Verification

The Work Number®, from Equifax, provides instant employment and income verification services 24/7—accelerating credit decisions and loan approvals for your employees.

Time & Cost Savings

Utilizing The Work Number may help reduce costs, improve service to employees, increase security, and assist with reallocation of human resources.

Controlled Access

The Work Number complies with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, requiring all verifiers to go through a credentialing process to ensure access to information is legitimate.

Cost Management

Unemployment Cost Management, provided by Equifax, lowers unemployment costs by streamlining claims processing, recovering erroneous benefits charges, and providing expert guidance.

Burden Relief

Equifax will work directly with you and your managers to collect all the data necessary to meet the state's deadlines, reducing your claim exposure and improving your results.

Online Reporting

Identify actionable trends with easy-to-use online reporting tools and get access to see the real-time status of claims, appeals and hearings, as well as perform custom reports.

How It Works

Employment & Income Verification
Heightened requirements in consumer lending means employers need to respond to an increasing number of employment and income verification requests. That's why Ultimate Software sends employee information from UltiPro® to Equifax via data export. Verifiers receive a request directly from an employee (loan application, government aid request, etc.), who then work directly with The Work Number® to verify the employee's income and employment status, minimizing involvement from the employer.

Unemployment Cost Management
In addition, UltiPro sends employee information to Equifax. This allows Equifax to work directly with the employer and their managers to lower unemployment costs by streamlining claims processing, recovering erroneous benefit charges, and providing guidance on hearings and appeals. Equifax also provides tax rate verifications and will protest any inaccurate assignment of State Unemployment tax rates.


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