Crush your debt. Fuel your future.

FutureFuel makes implementation of student debt benefits easy. We offer a modern, mobile, millennial-centric experience through our modular offering: Round Up, Repayment, Roll Up, Refinancing, and Read. Our best-in-breed SaaS platform empowers employers and partners to "turn on" this net new category of benefit — enterprise-wide or for special employee populations.

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What You Get

Retention Strategy

Whether offering a match, sponsoring round up, offering repayment, or serving up refi – FutureFuel helps you attract and retain top talent by addressing their #1 financial concern.

More Choices, More Savings

In the marketplace, dozens of lenders compete to refinance your employees' student loans, in real time, with no impact on their credit score. More choice means more savings for them.

Measurable Engagement

Each month of added retention leads to significant cost savings, from lower recruiting costs and fewer empty seats, to added productivity from more experienced employees.

Operational Precision

Your organization is committed to excellence for your customers, and you want the same for your employees. Make sure payments are made correctly every time with FutureFuel.

Talent Attraction Strategy

Employees with student debt rank student debt repayment as more important than a 401k contribution. Want to become a destination of choice? Show them that you care. That you've listened.

Real-Time Updates

We notify you and your employees when payments are made, and we provide clear and useful dashboards for all stakeholders, from your administrators to your employees.

How It Works

Nearly two-thirds of our emerging workforce graduates with student loan debt today, and eight-six percent of employees say they would work for you for five years if you helped pay down their student loans.

FutureFuel partners with Ultimate Software to provide you with student debt-centric benefits. Our standard integration enables the exchange of employee data from UltiPro® into From there, employees are onboarded directly via’s automated platform offering.

Whether you choose to offer a match, sponsor round up, repayment, or serve up refinance options, you can incentivize your employees by offering impact where they need it most. And, if you’re unsure of your employee population with student debt, you can start by learning about participation and expand your benefits offering as needed.

With this partnership, companies of all sizes can:

  • Differentiate and expand their health and wellness offerings
  • Improve engagement and loyalty among their team
  • Ensure payments are made correctly every time
  • Offer employees a convenient, mobile-first experience
  • Stay informed, in real-time, of all payment activity via dashboards and analytics

If you would like to take advantage of this integration, please open a case in the Customer Success Portal and request that the FutureFuel integration be applied to your UltiPro environment.


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