Make hiring your competitive advantage.

We founded Greenhouse with the mission to help companies become great at hiring. In the pursuit of that mission, we partner with our customers to provide them with expertise and best practices, as well as the tools and technology they need. Greenhouse is the leading Talent Acquisition Suite for companies who choose to make hiring their competitive advantage.

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What You Get

More Than an ATS

Greenhouse Recruiting ensures you always know the right step to take to hire the best candidate by providing holistic pipeline views, collaboration tools, and to-do alerts, tasks, and notifications.

Winning Recruiting Process

Improve candidate quality with Greenhouse’s structured hiring, complete with scorecards of key attributes, organized interview plans, and tools to mitigate hiring bias.

Stellar Candidates Experience

Deliver a stellar experience for job candidates, so they jump to accept your offer with branded career pages and job boards, customizable email templates, and automated surveys to collect feedback.

The Right Hiring Metrics

Analyze 30+ core reports, connect your reports to Google Sheets for easy analysis, and leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to help your team make the most informed hiring decisions.

Diversity & Inclusion Tools

Harness the power of of research-proven practices to reduce bias by creating an equal playing field with a single, consistent interview for each role and collecting structured EEO data for compliance.

Scalable Hiring Platform

Greenhouse Recruiting has the right solution for any team size or process complexity. Advanced data configuration, smart approval processes, and bulk action options ensure the platform is built for scale.

How It Works

At Greenhouse, we believe companies succeed because of great people. Which is why we want to help every company become great at hiring.

Much more than an applicant tracking system, only Greenhouse enables you to build a winning culture through structured hiring that mitigates unconscious bias and helps you elevate recruiting to be a strategic business function embraced by the entire organization.

Through a prebuilt integration, customers can easily use Greenhouse Recruiting and UltiPro Onboarding together to streamline their recruiting and onboarding workflows.

With Greenhouse’s dedicated recruiting platform, organizations can efficiently recruit, screen, and hire top talent. Once hired, candidate information is sent to UltiPro, where the new hire can use UltiPro’s collaborative and engaging onboarding solution.

With best-in-class talent acquisition technology paired with proven HCM solutions, you’ll find the right talent to move your business forward and make hiring your competitive advantage.

If you would like to take advantage of this integration, please open a case in the Customer Success Portal and request that the Greenhouse integration be applied to your UltiPro Onboarding environment.

Customer Results


"Greenhouse has allowed us to scale our recruiting process, to work more effectively, and most importantly, automate so many recruiting tasks like offer approvals and offer document generation that were previously done manually, improving the speed and accuracy with which we work."

Dan Geiger | Recruiting Operations Manager


Greenhouse Resources

Get the recruiting resources needed to achieve your hiring goals. Greenhouse has free eBooks, case studies, and other recruiting resources to optimize your recruiting process and stay steps ahead of the competition.

Browse Greenhouse’s library of resources.


Diversity & Inclusion Tools

We believe a culture of inclusion is the foundation that enables people from a diversity of backgrounds to be their authentic selves and do their best work. Explore articles, customer stories, videos, webinars, and more below.

Explore Diversity & Inclusion Tools.