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Hire Image is a specialist in the field of background screening, drug screening, and verifications. We enable our clients to make well-informed hiring and retention decisions and are a valued partner in their success. At Hire Image, our only focus is background screening. We concentrate on our business, so you can concentrate on yours.

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What You Get

Background & Drug Screening

Whether you need to verify employment or education, schedule a drug test, or conduct a civil or criminal search, domestically or internationally, Hire Image will be your trusted partner with every step.

Focus on Compliance

We are accredited by NAPBS and require all operational staff to be FCRA-certified. We update you on the changing laws and regulations, so you can focus on your business, knowing we’re focused on ours.

User-Friendly Experience

By integrating with Ultimate’s UltiPro® Recruiting platform, the workflow is streamlined, and the overall applicant experience is enhanced. Our team will support your candidates when they need it the most.

Fast Turnaround Times

Our network of researchers are accurate and fast. We offer real-time results, if available. Most other searches are back within 24-48 hours, so you can get the right person in the right job quickly.


Sleep better knowing your data is protected with the masking of personally identifiable information. Our screening system is SOC2-certified and has EI3PA and PCI-DSS certifications.

U.S.-Based Workforce

We offer global solutions, but we do not offshore services or transfer data to non-U.S. service centers. Our U.S.-based team is accurate, transparent, and efficient, and will answer your questions quickly.

How It Works

Hire Image’s high-quality background checks are a crucial step in the hiring process. Employers need to ensure they are hiring the right people for the business. Ultimate Software’s UltiPro Recruiting enables you to request employment background and drug screens and view the results directly within the system.

Ultimate partners with Hire Image, powered by TazWorks, to offer a comprehensive suite of cloud-based background and drug screening services. You’ll gain peace of mind in your hiring decisions with accurate, reliable results, and robust tools to help maintain compliance.

Through a bi-directional integration between Ultimate Software and Hire Image, recruiters and hiring managers can initiate employment background and drug testing checks on candidates directly within UltiPro Recruiting with just a few clicks.

Once a background check is initiated, information entered into UltiPro Recruiting is pre-populated in the background check form, reducing duplicate data entry. Then, an email is sent to the candidate to provide any additional information and to obtain consent.

With seamless access and an interactive workflow for managing background screening requirements, the solution offers a fast, simple, and intuitive user and applicant experience, allowing you to increase workforce productivity, reduce time-to-hire, and get more, high-quality hires.

Hire Image background and drug screening services include:

  • Civil Searches
  • Credit Reports
  • Criminal Searches
  • Driving Records (MVR, CDLIS)
  • Drug Testing & Occupational Health Services (DOT & Non-DOT)
  • Employment and Education Verifications
  • Global Screening
  • Healthcare Sanctions
  • I-9/E-Verify
  • OIG/OFAC and other Government Watch Lists
  • Ongoing and Post-Hire Monitoring
  • Professional License Verification & References
  • Sex Offender Registry Services
  • Social Security Number (SSN) verification with address verification

Customer Results

Private College

"The package Hire Image provides fits our requirements perfectly, and I like the fact the we can also order a la carte. We get exactly what we need and are not charged for things we don’t need. We can get credit checks on people who will be handling money, and driving record checks on those who will be driving."

Joyce | Rhode Island


Hire Image Resources

Hire Image provides you with information you need at your fingertips to stay up-to-date on industry news, compliance issues, and more. From our News and Frequently Asked Questions pages to our handy Resource Library and e-Newsletter, we’re committed to keeping you informed, so you can make the best employment and retention decisions possible for your organization

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