Compensation management software.

HRsoft is a leading provider of cloud-based compensation management software. The cloud-based solution combines the UltiPro® experience with an intuitive, easy-to-use solution for managing compensation plans, including salary, merit adjustments, and bonus awards. The solution, COMPview, simplifies and automates the entire compensation process, even complex plan requirements.

HRsoft is the proud recipient of Ultimate's 2020 Partner of the Year award. This award recognizes the partner who represents an innovator, influencer, and collaborator combined. From contract signing and strategic planning to development and go-to-market execution, this partner sets the golden standard for what it means to be "better together."

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What You Get

Connector Integration

HRsoft's COMPview seamlessly integrates with UltiPro using a standard API, so data automatically transfers between systems and continuously updates the most current data.

Compensation Management

HRsoft's COMPview is highly configurable to support international requirements and foreign exchange, accommodate multiple budgets and target levels, and apply pro-ration rules and business calculations.

Shorter Comp Cycle

HRsoft's COMPview shortens compensation cycles for even the most complex of scenarios utilizing automated, wizard-based workflows that eliminate time-intensive and ineffective, manual processes.

Tools for Managers

Give your managers an intuitive, decision support tool to help them optimize budget allocations, increase accuracy, and align compensation decisions with organizational guidelines.

Error Elimination

Planning spreadsheets have an average error rate of 5% or more. With HRsoft, you get a centralized, error-free, and auditable planning tool that eliminates costly calculations, saving you up to 33%.

Powerful Reporting

Get compliance reports, such as pay and gender equity, real-time reviews, planning progress, and budget allocation reports to drive better align comp strategy and increase organization scalability.

How It Works

Are you still using spreadsheets? Dealing with complex, ever-changing comp plans? Are your compensation plans too long or stressful?

Ultimate Software partners with HRsoft to connect your human capital management platform with compensation management and planning, giving you a smarter, faster, and more effective way to manage your people and compensation cycles.

Through a bi-directional integration between UltiPro and HRsoft, relevant employee data moves automatically from UltiPro to HRsoft, where you have access to robust compensation tools. After the compensation cycle ends, the data is seamlessly transferred back into UltiPro, where it is recorded and paid out to employees.

By leveraging this partnership, you can automate and modernize even the most complex salary, merit, incentive, and equity plans for employees in any currency with complete accuracy.

With HRsoft, you get:

  • Software that supports multiple compensation plans
  • Configurable workflow and approval steps
  • Calculated awards based on different data sets
  • Support for diverse currencies and pay rates
  • Personalized compensation statements for all employees
  • Accurate distribution of the company’s budget
  • Alignment between individual contributions and business performance

Customer Results

Gannett Inc.

"This tool enabled our compensation team from having to create multiple spreadsheets for compensation planning for 16,000 employees. HRsoft not only cut the time the team would have spent preparing spreadsheets, but also provided audit capability of knowing who changed what and when. The tool also enabled us to track approvals while ensuring the group could consolidate planner/approvers."

Technology Director | People Operations


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