Three flexible recruiting suites. One powerful platform. The agility to move your business forward.

iCIMS gives you the agility to move your business forward, even as your workforce and the hiring landscape changes. You can use our products, suites, or the full platform to deliver a seamless candidate journey, a frictionless user experience, and powerful end-to-end analytics. iCIMS Recruitment Marketing Suite builds stronger pipelines for nurturing relationships. iCIMS Advanced Communications Suite modernizes communication using emerging technology. iCIMS Hiring Suite increases efficiency through integration and automation. iCIMS UNIFi Partner Ecosystem is a marketplace of 245+ talent acquisition technology partners.

iCIMS has set the gold standard for what it means to be “better together”. As a recipient of Ultimate Software’s 2019 Partner of the Year award, we have been recognized as an innovator, influencer, and collaborator combined – from contract signing and strategic planning, to development and go-to-market execution.

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What You Get

iCIMS Recruit

Recruit the people you need easily and effectively with iCIMS Recruit. Streamline your processes, reach more job seekers, and make better hiring decisions with our leading applicant tracking system.

UltiPro® Integration

Through our seamless integration with Ultimate Software, you can easily use iCIMS Recruit and UltiPro Onboarding together to streamline your recruiting and onboarding workflows.

iCIMS Nurture

Build better candidate relationships with iCIMS Nurture, our candidate relationship management software. You’ll shorten time-to-fill and decrease hiring costs through talent pool engagement.

Holistic Reporting Analytics

By using UNIFi to centralize data from all your solutions, you can run and export reports from just one login to gain actionable insights into your recruiting and make better-informed decisions.

iCIMS UNIFi Partner Ecosystem

Easily search for, filter, and select solutions to enhance and streamline your hiring process through the iCIMS UNIFi Partner Ecosystem – our marketplace of proven, talent acquisition-focused providers.

Proven Experience

With more than 4,000 contracted customers, 3 million jobs posted per year, and more than 75 million applications per year, we have the experience you need to help you win the war for talent.

How It Works

Great companies are built by great people.

That's why we partner with Ultimate Software to help organizations like you streamline your recruiting and onboarding workflows, engage the right people, and build the best workforce.

Through a seamless integration, recruiters can efficiently attract, screen, and hire top talent with our technology that prioritizes the candidate experience in iCIMS Recruit and easily sends their information to UltiPro Onboarding to complete the hiring process.

Once processed, the new hire can use UltiPro’s collaborative and engaging onboarding solution.

iCIMS’ industry-leading integration capabilities provide a powerful extension to Ultimate’s HCM platform–centralizing complex talent acquisition data and transferring it as one unified story.

With iCIMS Recruit, you can:

  • Deliver a seamless, world-class candidate experience
  • Support a mobile-friendly experience
  • Utilize iCIMS’ extensive configurability to align with your recruiting strategies
  • Measure effectiveness of your recruiting strategies through robust reporting capabilities
  • Benefit from an award-winning customer experience


Customer Results

Trilogy Health Services

"iCIMS has been able to adapt with us as we change and grow at a rapid pace. We’ve heard vendors say, ‘we are flexible to your needs and you can customize everything,’ only to hear them say, ‘we can’t do that.’ iCIMS has actually been able to deliver."

John Turner | Employee Services System Support


iCIMS Hiring Insights

Stay up to date with the insights and best practices you need to grow your business. Drawing on our unique customer data and proprietary research, as well as outside sources, we analyze the latest trends in hiring to help employers stay well-informed and recruit more effectively.

Access iCIMS hiring insights.

Customer Success Stories

Customers love iCIMS for our ability to meet the unique needs of every industry. We’re committed to delivering easy-to-use talent acquisition software with features to support the modern recruiter. See why more than 3,500 iCIMS customers find recruiting success with iCIMS.

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