The most complete learning solution for the enterprise.

Infor Learning Management is a robust end-to-end solution for creating, delivering, and reporting on learning throughout your internal and extended organization. It accelerates the rate at which you can help employees achieve their full potential by improving productivity, enhancing compliance, and contributing to your bottom line.

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What You Get

Enterprise-Wide Learning

Infor Learning Management provides a multilingual, global learning platform to manage geographically dispersed users from a single, scalable interface while standardizing quality across all locations.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Manage one platform for anywhere, anytime learning, including classroom, virtual, online, and mobile to reduce training time and costs and allow for more focus on the core business.

Brand Standardization

Drive revenue and customer satisfaction with a more knowledgeable, customer-facing workforce. No matter how you choose to deliver learning content, Infor helps you ensure company-wide consistency.

Advanced Content Creation

Provide your team with a modern, online, browser-based authoring experience that allows rapid content development leveraging HTML5 and a library of drag-and-drop widgets.

Mobile & Social Learning

Today's employees want interactive learning, on demand. Infor Learning Management is compatible with all major mobile devices and has embedded social tools to keep courses engaging and collaborative.

Real-Time Insights

Rich reporting features offer insight not only on how often and well your learning audience takes advantage of the training you offer, but also how training impacts your overall business success.

How It Works

It's important that organizations support how their employees want to learn at work today — collaboratively and on demand.

That's why Ultimate Software partners with Infor Learning Management to give bring you a solution that delivers a modern learning experience and a compelling, person-centric approach to training and developing your people.

Ultimate Software offers a bi-directional integration between UltiPro and Infor Learning Management to help you connect your people data with your learning management program.

The integration includes the following options:

  • Single Sign On from UltiPro to Infor Learning Management
  • User provisioning from UltiPro to Infor Learning Management
  • Infor Learning Management data transfer to UltiPro
    • Course and event information
    • Enrollment content
    • Completed training data

Customer Results

Techtronic Industries Company Ltd.

"Infor Learning Management has allowed us to directly contribute tens of millions of dollars in revenue to the company, but I personally feel that the single greatest impact is the training department's ability to help every employee to do their job better and with greater satisfaction."

Matt Defeo | Sr. Vice President of Sales, Training, and Recruiting


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