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What You Get

UltiPro® Integration

Ultimate Software offers an embedded integration with TurboTax, allowing employees to import their W-2 from UltiPro directly into their tax returns, saving them (and HR) extra steps at tax time.

Industry-leading Software

For over 25 years, TurboTax products have been continuously ranked as the #1 best-selling tax software, helping your team keep more of their hard-earned money through secure, easy-to-use technology.

Maximum Refund

TurboTax works hard to get you your biggest possible tax refund – guaranteed. TurboTax searches over 350 deductions and credits, so you won’t miss a thing.

Guaranteed Accuracy

TurboTax guarantees their calculations are 100% accurate by running thousands of error checks as you go and double checking your tax return before you file to protect you from IRS or state penalties.

Audit Coverage

In the unlikely event of an audit, you’ll receive free, one-on-one guidance from TurboTax experts. They'll explain what to expect and how to prepare for an audit, as well as answer any questions.

Live Help, On Demand

One-on-one help for answers, on demand. Your TurboTax specialist will provide customized answers to your questions and guide you by drawing on your screen.

How It Works

Your U.S. employees can seamlessly import their Form W-2 tax information from UltiPro® to Intuit® TurboTax for easy and accurate tax preparation and filing.

This convenient capability simplifies and automates tax-filing activities for your people, which also means fewer calls to your payroll and HR departments with questions or requests for misplaced Forms W-2.

Once Form W-2 data is imported from UltiPro to TurboTax, TurboTax then guides employees through the entire tax prep process until completion.

Employees enter their employer ID number, Social Security Number, and Box 1 amount from their Form W-2 to validate the information before TurboTax imports the rest of the Form W-2 fields.

TurboTax’s tax preparation services also provide:

  • Guidance on every deduction and credit to get the refund to which employees are entitled
  • Thorough review of employees’ returns before filing, so nothing gets missed
  • Ability for employees to connect with an expert right on their screen to get answers in real-time

Click here to go to Turbo Tax to import your W-2 information from UltiPro and file your tax return.


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