Custom-tailored solutions with scalable support.

Combining cutting-edge technology with unparalleled customer service support, Liberty Screening Services provides background screening services to both our U.S. and global-based clientele. With over 25 years of experience, Liberty relies heavily on our customers’ experiences to provide us the insight needed to fuel our foundation, which is to continuously provide solutions which optimize the screening process.

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What You Get

Applicant Experience

Providing a positive applicant experience, Liberty tracks comments regarding the screening process from customers and candidates to ensure improvement in our process and create more favorable experiences.

Accelerated, Accurate Results

Liberty accelerates the screening process by providing real-time email communications. With this system-driven email communication, Liberty responds timely and accurately to your team and your applicant.

Transparent Compliance

With a focus on compliance, our job is to help you mitigate risk by arming you with legally compliant information, all of which is actionable. Liberty maintains strict adherence to industry standards.

Customer-Focused Resolution

No phone trees, endless menus, or automated agents. Our One-Call, First Call™ program ensures you reach a live representative on the first call to ensure you get the help you need, when you need it.

U.S.-Based Service with Global Reach

Although we provide background screening services worldwide, Liberty’s customer service team is U.S.-based.

Project Management Expertise

Liberty provides expert applicant screening services which assist in identifying ideal candidates. With tailor-made solutions, Liberty invests in processes to ensure long-term stakeholder satisfaction.

How It Works

High quality background checks are a crucial step in the hiring process. With over 25 years experience, Liberty Screening Services has a proven record of providing cost-effective, accurate applicant screening solutions.

Liberty Screening, powered by Accio Data, partners with Ultimate Software to offer a comprehensive suite of cloud-based, pre-employment background screening services.

Through a bi-directional integration between Ultimate Software and Liberty Screening, recruiters and hiring managers can initiate employment background checks on candidates directly within UltiPro® Recruiting with just a few clicks.

Once a background check is initiated, information entered into UltiPro Recruiting is pre-populated in the background check form, reducing duplicate data entry. Then, an email is sent to the candidate to provide any additional information and to obtain consent.

With seamless access and an interactive workflow for managing background screening requirements, the solution offers a fast, simple, and intuitive user and applicant experience, allowing you to increase workforce productivity, reduce time-to-hire, and get more, high-quality hires.

Liberty Screening’s unique screening services include:

  • QuickCheck National™ –National Criminal File
  • Credit Report Search
  • Criminal Records Search
  • Driving Records
  • Form I-9 & E-Verify
  • Global Services
  • Government Watch List
  • Human Resource Checks
  • Identity Verification
  • Progressive™ Order
  • Social Security Verification
  • Substance Abuse & Occupational Health
  • Worker’s Comp Claims

Customer Results


"Our Liberty representatives have been dedicated since day one and they respond quickly to our needs. I could not ask for a better team."

K. Higgs | Security Manager


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