HR-driven identity management and access governance.

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Our ADManager Plus product integrates with Ultimate Software's UltiPro® to ensure employee data syncs in real time between the HCM database and Active Directory, providing an effective identity and access management solution.

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What You Get

AD Management

ADManager Plus is a comprehensive management solution for Active Directory (AD), complete with AD administration options, reactive templates, preconfigured reports, and flexible automation.

UltiPro® Integration

ADManager Plus integrates with UltiPro to provide an uninterrupted employee data management experience with real-time synchronization of the HCM database with Active Directory.

User Synchronization

ADManager Plus bridges the gap between the HCM database and Active Directory environment by automatically synchronizing user provisioning, modification, and deprovisioning in UltiPro with Active Directory.

User Lifecycle Management

ADManager Plus provides automation options in conjunction with responsive templates that allow you to create and manage a user account with only the required privileges and access.

Dynamic Access

Assign access immediately when employees join, and revoke it once they leave or are terminated. As employees’ hierarchical positions change in UltiPro, access privileges also change automatically in AD.

Collaborative Environment

Synchronizing Active Directory with the UltiPro HCM database provides a smooth, cross-application experience for organizations using Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, G Suite, etc.

How It Works

HR databases are constantly up to speed on all employee information, but that’s not always the case for IT databases, which typically demand manual updates. Having outdated information, such as a stale account for an employee who no longer works for the organization, can manifest into serious security vulnerabilities.

ManageEngine partners with Ultimate Software to ensure employee data in UltiPro synchronizes with Active Directory. That way, whenever a change is made in UltiPro, all changes are automatically reflected in the Active Directory environment as well.

This integration helps save time spent on provisioning a user manually in different platforms like Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, G Suite, etc., while also revoking or modifying a user’s access, and deprovsioning a user who no longer works with the organization after performing these actions in UltiPro.

With the UltiPro–AdManager Plus integration, you’ll get:

  • Automated, multi-platform user onboarding and offboarding
  • Smaller window of error and fewer security vulnerabilities
  • Unified identity management, access governance, resource administration, and HR management

To learn more about this integration, check out this video.

Customer Results

Plasticaucho Industrial

"ADManager Plus has consistently proven to be better than other IT administration solutions we have tried out. We believe it has considerably boosted the productivity for IT administration with its ease of use, bulk user management, and its clean, easy to visualize reporting options."

Alexander Rojas | IT Security Analyst


ADManager Plus Resources Library

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Integration Guide for UltiPro

Ready to get started? Check out our complete guide to launching the ADManagerPlus–UltiPro integration to help you effectively manage your Active Directory provisioning, access, and privileges.

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