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OneLogin brings speed and integrity to the modern enterprise with an award-winning single sign-on (SSO) and cloud identity and access management (IAM) platform.

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What You Get

Single Sign On

Gone are the days of multiple usernames and passwords and using sticky notes to keep track. Give employees one username and password to sign into all apps, so they can spend time on work that matters.

Onboarding & Offboarding

Drive onboarding and offboarding from UltiPro. OneLogin automatically synchronizes user information from UltiPro to manage employee accounts and provision access to applications.

Role-Based Access Control

Automatically grant employees access to applications based on their role or title. Employees log into UltiPro and all apps via a single, customizable web portal, improving productivity and security.

Self-Service Access

With OneLogin, employees avoid productivity delays and are empowered to securely reset passwords themselves, rather than having to depend on IT.

Security Controls

Increase security by enforcing custom access policies, including multi-factor authentication, password complexity, session timeout, and IP whitelisting.

Reporting and Analytics

Quickly see and drill down into users, logins, apps, and event records. OneLogin's audit trail records all user changes and activity for powerful statistics or retroactive forensics.

How It Works

Ultimate Software and OneLogin have partnered to deliver a seamless single sign-on (SSO) and HR-Driven Identity solution. The integration allows you to automate onboarding and offboarding and automatically sync user data from UltiPro across apps and IT systems like Active Directory, improving efficiency and eliminating time-consuming and error-prone processes.

There are two ways end-users interact with the solution:

  • At the Office Seamless Sign-On: With direct SSO, users use their network login to access all of their apps via a convenient web application portal. The user clicks on the application icon and has direct access to UltiPro without having to enter in password information.
  • Off the Network Sign-On: This allows people working remotely and not connected to the corporate network to use their SSO credentials to securely log into UltiPro on any device.

IT Admins have two options to manage identity management and access:

  • HR-Driven Identity: Drive user onboarding and offboarding from UltiPro. When HR changes a user's status, UltiPro triggers OneLogin to carry out appropriate user onboarding and offboarding across all applications and directories. Users can then use SSO for all their applications.
  • AD-Driven Identity: Leverage OneLogin's best-in-class directory connectors to delegate authentication and grant, modify, or revoke user access based on directory attributes such as department, title, or custom.

Ready to get started? Sign up for free SSO and AD integration for UltiPro.*

*Leveraging single sign-on with UltiPro requires the UltiPro Federated Single Sign-on Service. Please contact your Executive Relationship Manager for additional information on subscribing to this service.

Customer Results


"OneLogin has been a huge success for SOTI overall. Users now have a single place to access all their applications and don't have to worry about remembering passwords. IT efficiency has improved significantly; we can now onboard and offboard a user within minutes instead of hours."

Mustafa Ebadi | VP, IT & Services


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