Your hiring and development decisions, powered by behavioral data.

OutMatch delivers actionable workforce analytics that predict employee performance, so you can hire the right people—the absolute best match for your jobs—and develop them into stellar employees who drive improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

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What You Get

Talent Assessment

Immediately identify the best candidates for a job using the Candidate Shortlist, and see candidates’ strengths and weaknesses at a glance in the infographic-style report.

On-Demand Interview

Improve your interview process without any training for hiring managers, and get personalized interview questions based on each candidate’s weak areas.

New Employee Onboarding

Personalize the onboarding experience with guidance specific to each new hire, and empower employees with action items for reaching their full potential in the role.

Employee Development

Use behavioral data to match high potentials with promotion opportunities, and fully prepare successors before they take on critical leadership positions.

Actionable Analytics

Optimize your hiring and development strategy using workforce analytics, then measure success in terms of job performance, employee retention, and revenue growth.

Business Impact

Boost overall company performance by hiring and investing in employees who drive improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue to your business.

How It Works

OutMatch assessments help you find your very best match for any job at any level by crunching data on personality fit, cognitive ability, and situational judgement. That's why Ultimate has created a standard, bi-directional integration between UltiPro® Recruiting and OutMatch, of which mutual customers can take advantage.

As candidates complete the assessment, you can view top matches as well as candidate reports directly within UltiPro. Match scores make it easy to prioritize candidates, saving recruiters hours in screening time and helping hiring managers get the right person in the role faster.

Using assessments, your organization will make better, more efficient hiring decisions, and you’ll also have rich behavioral data to power critical post-hire processes, from onboarding and coaching to career pathing and succession planning.

OutMatch offers a library of 800 validated Industry Best-Practice profiles as well as tailored profiles, so whether you’re hiring for high-volume hourly roles or specialized, high-impact roles, you get an assessment that’s right for you.

To get started today, select a profile and assign it to an opportunity in UltiPro.

Customer Results

Brinker International

"OutMatch assessments have been so powerful in helping us with selection, we’re now using them across our management and hourly population."

Testimonial | Manager of Talent Development and Leadership Coaching


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