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As the industry leader in compensation data and technology, PayScale helps organizations #getpayright. PayScale is the only technology solution for managing compensation that provides multiple sources of fresh, transparently curated and validated salary data. Combined with modeling engines that learn continuously and generate recommendations and insight, PayScale empowers HR to price jobs and adjust compensation, reflecting real‐time changes in the market — all on one trusted data platform. With PayScale’s Adaptive Compensation Advantage, teams operate with efficiency, focused on outcomes rather than manual data management.

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What You Get

Trusted Data

Our open data strategy gives you access to transparently curated, validated salary data with the freedom to connect with multiple data sources and vendors.

Actionable Insights

PayScale’s AI‐powered modeling engines learn continuously to provide data‐driven suggestions for compensation decisions.

Operational Speed

Our legacy of reliability, performance, and user experience make PayScale a leader in compensation management software.

Market-Leading Software

PayScale has a compensation software solution for every organization and comp situation to help you craft your comp strategy, equip your managers, and communicate with employees.

UltiPro® Integration

The integration between PayScale and Ultimate allows you to import pay data from UltiPro into PayScale each day, enabling quick comparison of your company’s most up‐to‐date pay data to fresh, market data.

Seamless Pay Management

Pay increases don’t have to require back and forth emails and multiple versions of spreadsheets. Instead, PayScale enables you to seamlessly manage the pay increase cycle for your company in one place.

How It Works

When you get pay right, you attract and retain the best talent.

PayScale partners with Ultimate Software to help companies maximize the investment in their people by bringing together the power of technology, relevant compensation data, and professional services to help you get pay right.

The partnership provides joint customers with a standard, one-way API integration to quickly import employee data from UltiPro to PayScale. This allows you to streamline your PayScale implementation and ensures you’re able to make critical pay decisions based on accurate HRIS data.

Employee demographic, performance rating, and pay data from UltiPro is imported directly into PayScale each day. With your UltiPro data readily available in PayScale’s Compensation Platform, you can quickly and easily compare your company’s pay data to fresh market data to help you make data-driven pay decisions.

PayScale empowers companies to:

  • Use the power of the most up-to-date data from companies like you to price jobs
  • Build a compensation strategy, including pay structures
  • Engage managers in pay decisions that are structured and supported by HR
  • Access analytics to help you make data-driven workforce decisions on topics like remote work and pay equity.
  • Leverage a team of compensation professionals to help you with any compensation task, from helping set your entire compensation strategy to benchmarking for a single job.

Customer Results


"If people aren’t using tools like PayScale to get their comp into the 21st century, they’re not going to be prepared for what’s coming."

Andrea Morales | Total Rewards and HRIS


Comp Research

See the latest compensation research from the PayScale Data Analytics team. PayScale pioneered the use of big data to reveal market pay trends and insights previously unavailable on topics ranging from pay equity to compensation best practices.

Browse PayScale’s comp research.

Comp Trends & Best Practices

Compensation, communication, and company culture are intrinsically linked. With PayScale’s cloud compensation management software, employers have their finger on the pulse of their talent markets and are transforming the once dark art of compensation into a data-driven science.

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