Software that simplifies leave management.

Presagia is a cloud-based solution that helps you streamline your leave management process, improve consistency, strengthen compliance, and control costs.

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What You Get

Leave Management

With the ever-growing complexity of managing the FMLA and state leave laws, Presagia provides you with a comprehensive leave management solution to gain control of employee absence and compliance.

Compliance Power

Presagia’s Compliance Engine gives you access to 450+ pieces of continuously updated federal and state leave legislation across all 53 U.S. jurisdictions to ensure you are always in compliance.

Time-Saving Automation

Presagia's system is engineered to automate workflows, generate tasks for your next steps, and auto-fill your leave correspondence, so you can reduce the administrative burdens of leave management.

UltiPro Integration Template

Presagia and Ultimate Software will work with you to set up an automated interface to send Presagia the employee demographics and eligibility information in UltiPro that’s needed for leave management.

Consistent Management

Presagia Leave guides users through a best practice leave process, ensuring the correct laws are applied, the right amount of leave is given, timelines are met, and the proper letters are sent.

Comprehensive Analytics

Gain actionable insight into your leave management data through access to in-depth reports and analytics that highlight employee trends, case workload, costs, and current leave cases.

How It Works

With more than 450 pieces of overlapping and constantly changing state and federal leave legislation, legal compliance is increasingly challenging in leave management.

That's why Ultimate Software partners with Presagia to help you navigate the leave process according to best practices, manage all applicable federal and state leave laws, automate workflows, and assist with decision support.

Using an integration template with Presagia that will be configured to your specific needs, you can pass employee data from UltiPro to Presagia to eliminate duplicate data entry, ensure consistency, and streamline the flow of information.

Customer Results

Allianz Worldwide Partners

"I can honestly say, from a work perspective it’s changed my life. It’s given me my work-life balance back. "

Teresa Wallace | Senior HR Consultant


Interactive Leave Map

In addition to FMLA, there are more than 450 pieces of federal and state leave legislation. Find out which laws and legislation apply in your state by checking out Presagia's interactive leave map.

Access our Interactive Leave Map.


We've made it our mission to provide employers with not only actionable insight on ways to stay compliant with leave and accommodation legislation, but also take control of absence.

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