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rapid!, a division of Green Dot corporation, enables companies to achieve a 100% ePayroll solution and help reduce the costs of issuing and returning paper checks, drive productivity increases, and provide the type of conveniences employees are looking for. The rapid! PayCard® was established in 2003 with the singular focus of providing employers with innovative, responsive payroll card programs, providing businesses with the most comprehensive ePayroll offering available. We start with a foundation of industry leading technology, full compliance, and implementation support to ensure a successful ePayroll transition by delivering more than just a financial product.

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What You Get

ePayroll Solution

rapid! PayCard expands electronic deposit participation and eliminates the need to distribute regular paychecks and wage solutions to employees–minimizing check fraud and increasing business efficiency.

Reduced Costs

With free shipping on card inventory and no training fees, rapid! PayCard is committed to helping your bottom line. You’ll also save by not having to print and deliver checks the old fashioned way.

Employee Benefits

The rapid! PayCard offers greater cardholder benefits and works anywhere MasterCard and Visa debit cards are accepted, offering your employees a more convenient and secure way to make payments.

Payroll Compliance

rapid! PayCard allows you to issue electronic payroll cards nationwide without regulatory hassle; track, monitor, and categorize each state’s payroll laws; and simplify state-by-state payroll compliance.

On-Demand Pay Compatibility

When your employees use rapid! OnDemand to get early access to their wages before their scheduled pay date, they’ll benefit from lower fees when that money is disbursed via the rapid! PayCard.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Increasing direct deposit participation is an easy way to help the environment. If the 22 million Americans who still don’t have direct deposit used it, we could save 8.7 million pounds of paper annually.

How It Works

Today’s employees don’t always have access to a checking or savings account for direct deposit. That’s why rapid! PayCard provides your company with one of the most comprehensive pay card programs that eliminates paper in the payroll office and benefits your employees and your bottom line.

Through our partnership with Ultimate Software, Ultimate uses a NACHA file (direct deposit) to send the customer’s payroll information to rapid! PayCard, giving your employees a safe, secure, and hassle-free way to collect, manage, and ultimately spend their hard-earned money.

The rapid! PayCard offers more security than carrying cash, requires no credit check, and is accepted everywhere debit cards are.

rapid! PayCard’s solution also helps your company:

  • Decrease time and money spent on printing and distributing paper checks
  • Reduce staff time spent traveling to pick up and cash checks
  • Minimize exposure of check fraud
  • Mitigate business disruptions that occur during natural disasters
  • Reduce fees for employees when they use the rapid! PayCard to get access to accrued wages before their scheduled pay date through rapid! OnDemand

If you would like to take advantage of an integration with rapid! PayCard, a Service Request is required.

Customer Results

McKibbon Hotel Group

"Doubling in size over the past 10 years and with 28% of our employees having no bank account, we needed a better way to manage payroll and reduce costs. The rapid! PayCard was by far the easiest and best solution available."

Lisa Stringer | Payroll Administrator


Customer Success Stories

rapid! PayCard has been providing cardholders with convenient and secure access to their money since 2003. We have helped businesses reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase corporate environmental responsibility by switching their employees to direct deposit with the rapid! PayCard. See how we’re helping real businesses, just like you, save time and money be exploring our customer testimonials and case studies.

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Interactive State Compliance Map

Here at rapid! PayCard, we do more than maintain adherence to state and federal regulations. We keep our clients informed of the ever-evolving payroll laws. A consistently updated, interactive map serves to deliver current, state-by-state updates on legal requirements and how rapid! PayCard complies. Sign up below to get access.

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