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S2Verify is a full-service, pre-employment screening provider. We are PBSA accredited to ensure your employment screening program aligns with FCRA guidelines. We provide the promise of integrity, industry experience, innovative technology, and commitment to client service.

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What You Get

Background Screening

Access over 4,100 government sources online with reliable results using our hybrid process that includes both automated record extraction and human adjudication.

Actionable Screening Intelligence

Our ASI technology uses advanced artificial intelligence software to quickly analyze millions of unique data sources to provide the most complete screening information.

Scalable Solutions

Our technology is so flexible, we can build a solution that fits your needs, while maintaining a high level of quality and superior turnaround time.

Faster Results

Our average turnaround time on county and statewide criminal searches is less than 24 hours. Over 75% of our searches are reported within eight hours from our clients submitting the order.

Live Customer Service

We still answer the phone with a live person. We will never automate human interaction when you need us most.

Experienced Leadership

Our management team has over 25 years of employment screening and security experience, including designing and implementing security strategies for U.S. presidents and world leaders.

How It Works

At S2Verify, our mission is to provide a one-of-a-kind background screening service backed by an unparalleled support team.

We partner with Ultimate Software to provide you with fully-compliant, affordable background checks, powered by deverus, to dramatically reduce your time-to-hire.

Through S2Verify’s bi-directional integration with Ultimate Software, recruiting and hiring managers can initiate pre-employment background checks on candidates directly within UltiPro® Recruiting with just a few clicks.

Once a background check is initiated, information entered into UltiPro Recruiting is pre-populated in the background check form, reducing duplicate data entry.

Then, an email is sent to the candidates to provide any additional information and to obtain consent.

With seamless access and an interactive workflow for managing background screening requirements, our solution offers a fast, simple, and intuitive user and applicant experience to help you increase workplace activity, reduce your time-to-hire, and increase your quality of hires.

Our unique background screening services include:

  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Drug Testing
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Eligibility Verification
  • Onboarding Support
  • Criminal Searches
  • Cyber Investigation™ Level I and Level II

Customer Results

Large Hospital Chain

"S2Verify is unbelievable. I have had orders for certain counties returned by the time I go to view the report. Their technology has saved us thousands of dollars.


Current Customer | HR Director


S2Verify Resources

Whether you’re looking for employment screening trends, compliance best practices, FAQs, or customer case studies, you can find it all in one spot with S2Verify’s library of resources.

Browse our screening resources.

FCRA Compliance

Legal compliance in background screening is paramount. Check out our FCRA compliance resources to ensure your company’s hiring practices are on-point and in-check.

View FCRA Compliance resources.