Attract and retain top talent by helping your employees crush their student loan debt.

Vault™ is the first and most trusted student loan benefits software platform, providing innovative student loan benefit programs and support to over 1,200 global clients and over 1.7 million employees. Vault™ Advisor, Vault™ Pay, and Vault™ Match help employers recruit and retain top talent in today's highly competitive labor market.

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What You Get

An HR Edge

After health insurance, student loan assistance and student debt pay-down are the most demanded employee benefits. Vault™ helps you stand out with a job perk your employees want and need.

Deep Employee Connections

A three-product suite allows employers to make company-sponsored contributions toward employees’ student debt balances or offer employees access to Vault™’s loan optimization engine and 1:1 counseling.

Real ROI

Ninety percent of young workers say they would commit to an employer for five years if they received help paying their student debt. Vault™ helps your employees feel valued and drives company loyalty.

Targeted Programs

Student loan benefits are not ERISA constrained, so with Vault™, you can structure the benefit to target certain departments that are struggling with retention issues, or offer it across the board.

Secure Payment System

Vault™’s regulatory-compliant, trackable, and highly secure payment system makes it easy for employers to reallocate benefit resources to the highest impact area: employee student debt.

Á La Carte Benefits

Provide 1:1 counseling and optimization with Vault™ Advisor; make sponsored-contributions with Vault™ Pay; and/or allocate unused 401(k) dollars toward student debt relief with Vault™ Match.

How It Works

Vault™’s vision is to unite employers and employees in solving employees’ financial hardships. We’re helping companies find and retain the best talent, while helping employees achieve financial freedom.

Vault™ partners with Ultimate Software to help tackle the student-debt crisis through an integration that enables the exchange of employee data from UltiPro® into Vault™. From there, employees are onboarded directly via Vault™’s automated Partner Portal Platform.

Whether you choose to offer Vault™ Advisor, Vault™ Pay, or Vault™ Match, you can incentivize your employees by offering support where they need it most. Meanwhile, employers receive proprietary IP and data analytics that allow the Vault™ platform to benefit their entire employee population carrying student debt, not just those who qualify for private refinance.

With this partnership, companies of all sizes can differentiate and expand their financial wellness offerings, while also improving employee engagement and retention.

Customer Results

Northwood Children’s Services

"Our first 12 months with Vault Pay have been a hit. It’s a highly talked about benefit among our staff and their platform helps our benefits team streamline things. Ease of use has been fantastic and the staff impact makes it even better."

Matt Silverness | HR Director


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