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Visier is a people analytics solution that makes it easy for HR leaders to transform their existing people data into meaningful analytics. Using hundreds of built-in graphs, data visualizations, questions, and answers, people leaders are able to gain insight into their organization, use data to tell the story of their people, and drive growth. Move beyond outdated Excel spreadsheets, and make navigating complex HR data simple. With business intelligence tools built for HR, Visier drives growth and meaningful insight into an organization’s biggest investment: their people.

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What You Get

Data-Driven Decisions

Visier turns your people data into meaningful insights, so you can make more data-driven decisions on your organization’s largest investment, your people!

Employee Retention

Understanding how to keep an organization’s top talent is a constant struggle for HR professionals. Visier helps you get ahead of employee job dissatisfaction and predicts potential red flags.

Rapid Time-to-Value

Start getting actionable insights into your organization within minutes through Visier’s plug-and-play deployment model. Connect your HRIS via API in just a few clicks and with no IT support required.

Industry Benchmarks

Using aggregated customer data and government-published metrics, Visier shows you how your organization stacks up against the competition on growth, diversity, and overall business outcomes.

Trusted Security

The protection of your data is at the forefront of everything we do. We believe that a reliable and secure ecosystem is necessary and foundational to providing you with trusted, outstanding solutions.

Scalable Solutions

Whether you’re a mid-market or enterprise business, Visier’s platform can help you take action on the HR data you’re already using and provide insight-driven decisions into the hands of your leaders.

How It Works

Understanding the true value of your workforce has always been complicated, leaving HR leaders struggling through countless columns of Excel data to try to extract meaningful insights. Until now.

Visier for UltiPro is a people analytics solution. Connecting UltiPro® with best-in-class business intelligence and machine learning, Visier makes it easy for HR leaders to transform their existing people data into meaningful analytics in just a few clicks.

Through our partnership with Ultimate Software, we’ve created an integration between UltiPro and Visier to enable a secure exchange of historical and current workforce business data. This integration allows you to eliminate the need for duplicate data entry, minimize the need for costly data warehouses or data integration projects, and increase efficiencies in your workforce.

Visier for UltiPro provides a base set of metrics and analytics needed to unlock the insights of your organization. Through this partnership, it brings together your HRIS data, analyzes it, and then uses business intelligence to offer clear insight in a real-time dashboard.

With Visier, you can:

  • Gain insights into your organization that previously took hours to calculate in Excel
  • Review people trends over time, from growth and retention to diversity and engagement
  • Connect data-driven HR decisions to business results and predict future events that could impact your organization
  • Enable intuitive, self-service insights with a library of pre-built analytics
  • Securely share insights with ease and ensure recipients can only see the data to which they are authorized

Customer Results

Realogy Corporation

"Visier’s truly plug-and-play, so you get a real quick bang for your buck and quick return on investment—and in a really short time. This is my third organization using Visier."

Ebby Ajegbo | VP HR Information Systems


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