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Walton Management Services provides a full-service tax credit and incentive consulting and administration service, reducing client operating costs with above- and below-the-line tax credit savings.

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What You Get

WOTC Automation

Walton Management automates the entire WOTC process–screening job applicants for potential tax credits, managing agency submissions, and calculating credit value.

Next Gen Screening

A single-webpage display, dynamic screening logic, and an “unsure” response option to screen-in and increase results enable a fast and easy experience for job applicants.


Applicants sign documents electronically, keeping your screening process organized, compliant, and paper-free. Walton also files Form 8850 within the required 28-day deadline.

Data Dashboard

Interactive and dynamic data modeling with real-time reporting and multiple formatting options give you a snapshot of your organization's tax credit forecasting.

Mobile App Access

See what documents are missing for tax credit certification, upload supporting documents, and search records individually, right from the palm of your hand with Walton's mobile app.

SMS/Text Screening

Walton allows you to authenticate, screen, and e-sign Form 8850, directly through SMS, further reducing applicant drop-off and increasing tax credit results.

How It Works

If your business hires employees–any employees–there's a good chance you're eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).

WOTC rewards employers for hiring members of specific targeted groups deemed by Congress to have barriers to employment.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) of up to $9,600 per eligible employees is realized once the employee is government-certified and works 120 hours within first year of employment.

That's why Ultimate Software and Walton Management have partnered to offer a custom integration for completing and filing the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).

Job applicants complete a web-based questionnaire on or before date of job offered, powered by Walton. Form 8850 is electronically signed if necessary.

Once hired, UltiPro transmits hire date to Walton in order to file Form 8850 with the government agencies to secure WOTC certification. Walton files the time-sensitive Form 8850 with the government and monitors hours and wage information on the employee to determine when retention is met.

Customer Results

American Services Inc.

"Walton has been an excellent partner for American Services. They have worked with us over the years to really maximize our WOTC credits. They provide us with the recommendations we need to make to streamline our process, and produce the best results for our company."

Carole Ann Owens | Corporate Operations Director


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