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Mosaic Consulting Group is the largest UltiPro-only consulting firm. We help Ultimate Software clients manage their most important asset—their team—and use UltiPro to its fullest capacity.

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What You Get

100% UltiPro Focus

As an UltiPro-only consulting group, our team knows UltiPro inside and out and can help you with any UltiPro project, question, or task to ensure maximum value out of the platform.

Functional Support

Mosaic's functional team of consultants and project managers will help your team implement and grow with UltiPro, as well as streamline and improve your overall UltiPro experience.

Technical Assistance

Our team of technical experts can help your team fully utilize, understand, and expand your UltiPro system through dashboards, web services, API integrations, BI reporting, data conversion, and more.

Premier Support

Premier Support Clients have a direct line of communication to a dedicated consultant who will provide double the bench strength and support needed for seamless HR processes and projects.

Managed Payroll Services

Mosaic's Managed Payroll Services Team provides overall payroll management and support for your team while reducing corporate risk associated the complexities and intricacies of payroll.

Managed HR Services

With a fully functional HR Outsourcing Team, Mosaic is able to provide solutions for your business at every level, freeing up your team to focus on the bigger picture and more strategic goals.

How It Works

Implementing new software is an exciting investment, but it takes training, change management, and companywide adoption to see real return on your investment.

That's why Ultimate Software works with industry-leading, certified Implementation Partners to act as your very own coach when it comes to enhancing and deploying UltiPro.

We hand-select the best-fit Implementation Partner for you and your team based on the products and services you're rolling out, your strategic deadlines, virtual or on-site needs, and more. 

Customer Results


"We seriously would be stuck doing paper enrollments for 5,000+ employees if it wasn't for [Mosaic's] ability to understand our visions and hold our hand 100% of the way during implementation."

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Client Testimonial

As an UltiPro-only consulting group, Mosaic helps clients manage their biggest and most important asset–their team.

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