What's New: API Release December 2019

We are pleased to announce some important changes and additions in this month's release...

New service endpoints

We have exposed 1 new endpoints for our Customers and Partners to consume:

Enhancements to current endpoints

We have made existing fields optional query parameters for the following endpoints:

  • Employee Job History (/personnel/v1/employee-job-history-details) - Job history information for all employees. Global and US


  • Employee Direct Deposit (/payroll/v1/direct-deposit) - This API will provide direct deposit information for all employees in the US and Canada


  • Employee Contacts Details (/personnel/v1/contacts) - This API will provide all details for a person assigned to an employee as a contact

  • Global Employee Direct Deposit (/personnel/v1/employee-global-banks) - This API would pull global direct deposit information. In Ultimate this is stored separate from the US employee direct deposit information.

  • Global Employee Localization (/personnel/v1/employee-global-localization-elements) - This will be pulling employee specific localization information from Platform Configuration similar to GPI that have the field name starting with GBLPAY

  • Global Employee Payments and Deductions (/personnel/v1/employee-pay-deduction-elements ) - Payment and deduction information that is assigned to global pay group and pay schedules. Separate from US Employee Earnings and Deductions

  • Employee Contracts (/personnel/v1/employee-contract-details) - Contract data assigned to employees. Global and US

  • Compensation Details (/personnel/v1/compensation-details) - Compensation and pay group related information. Global and US

  • Employment Details (/personnel/v1/employment-details) - Details related to an employees employment data within a company. Job, Org, Location, etc... Global and US

  • Person Details (/personnel/v1/person-details) - details on a person that is shared across companies. Global and US

For the full list of API endpoints please refer to our developer documentation.