A new place to Connect

Welcome to UKG Connector Hub —a new hub built for developers, by developers. Just as UKG Pro® empowers people to always do their best work, UKG Connector Hub empowers developers to tailor the UKG Pro experience as their people and business needs evolve.

We’ve designed the hub to be one, central spot for materials and resources necessary for integrating with the UKG Pro solution—from APIs to tutorials.

Just like UKG Pro, it’s built for people. For you. Whether you’re a UKG customer, partner, or third-party developer—UKG Connector Hub is your community.

So, what can you expect to find here?

API Explorer

An extensive library of API documentation for integrating, extending, and configuring UltiPro. Access APIs for HR, benefits, talent management, and more, with others being introduced in the coming months.

Developer Resources

API documentation alone is not enough to easily build successful integrations. We know that if we can provide developers with step-by-step API guides, data flows, & sample code we can improve the quality of integrations while reducing development time.


Your main source for UKG Connector Hub news. Here’s where you’ll find updates and tutorials, thoughts on what’s trending in the world of development, and all the latest UltiPro Connect happenings.

This is just the beginning. We’ll continue to grow and expand UKG Connector Hub's resources and community to ensure you have everything you and your people need to grow with UKG Pro.

We’re here to provide, guide, and support.

This is UKG Connector Hub. Let’s get started.