What's New: Platform Configuration Field APIs

New service endpoints

We have exposed 2 new endpoints for our Customers and Partners to consume:

Platform Configuration Custom Fields Data 

The integration team is working on being able to expose more fields in the future, but as of now, what is listed below is currently all the fields this API supports.

  • This API includes the following fields:

    • Address
    • Person
    • PersonName
    • Employee
    • PhoneNumber
    • Employment
    • InternationalEmployee
    • ComponentCompany - (not emp specific)
    • Location - (not emp specific)
    • Job -(not emp specific)
    • OrgLevel1 - (not emp specific)
    • OrgLevel2 -(not emp specific)
    • OrgLevel3 - (not emp specific)
    • OrgLevel4 -(not emp specific)


 Platform Configuration Custom Fields Schema

This API gets Platform Configuration standard classes custom fields schema information from the MetaDocument table