What's New: API Release May 2022

We are pleased to announce some important changes and additions in this month's release...

New service endpoints

We have exposed 12 new endpoints for our Customers and Partners to consume:

  • Tax Groups Details API (/configuration/v1/tax-groups) - This API will provide tax group details information.
  • User Details API (/personnel/v1/user-details) - This API will provide user details information such as UKG Pro username, userid, status, and last logon date.
  • Organization Reporting Category API (/configuration/v1/organization-reporting-category) - This API will provide organizational reporting category information from based on org level codes.
  • Employee Supervisor Details API (/personnel/v1/employee-supervisor-details) - This API will provide Employee Supervisor Detail information such as Supervisor Name, Company, Employee#, Job/Position, Email, and Work Phone.
  • Employee Multiple Positions API (/personnel/v1/empl-multiple-positions) - This API will provide Employee Multiple Positions information for employees with multiple job positions.
  • Open Enrollment Employee Deductions API (/personnel/v1/open-enrollment-emp-deductions) - This API will provide Open Enrollment Employee deduction information for passive or active open enrollment.
  • Employee Multiple Phone Numbers API (/personnel/v1/employee-multi-phone-numbers) - This API will provide Employee Multiple Phone Numbers such as cell phone.
  • Employee Multiple Jobs API (/personnel/v1/empl-multiple-jobs) - This API will provide employee multiple jobs information such as pay rates.
  • Employee Deductions API (/personnel/v1/emp-deductions) - This API will provide Employee deduction information for benefit information.
  • Job Groups API (/configuration/v1/jobgroup) - This API will provide Job Group information based on job group codes.
  • Employee Demographic Details API (/personnel/v1/employee-demographic-details) - This API will provide employee demographic detail information such as name, address, email, and phone.
  • Deduction Code API (/configuration/v1/deductions) - This API will provide deduction configuration information for benefit setup.

For the full list of API endpoints please refer to our developer documentation.