What's New: API Release June 2022

We are pleased to announce some important changes and additions in this month's release...

New service endpoints

We have exposed 7 new endpoints for our Customers and Partners to consume:

  • Payroll Deductions History API (/payroll/v1/payroll-deductions-history) - This API will provide Payroll Deduction History information such as pay group, pay date, amounts by associated deduction plan by deduction code, and associated employees paid.
  • Pay Register API (/payroll/v1/pay-register) - This API will provide Pay Register information such as pay group, pay dates (period start, period end, etc), pay frequency, and associated employees paid.
  • Employee Deduction History Effective Change Date API (/personnel/v1/deduction-history-effective-change-dates) - This API will provide Employee deduction history effective change date information.
  • Open Enrollment Dependent Deductions API (/personnel/v1/open-enrollment-dep-deductions) - This API will provide Open Enrollment Dependent deduction information for passive or active open enrollment.
  • Position Report API (/personnel/v1/position-report) - This API will provide Position information such as position code, reports to, and effective dates.
  • User Preferences API (/personnel/v1/user-preferences) - This API will provide User Preferences information such as user id and language code.
  • User Profile Details API (/personnel/v1/user-profile-details) - This API will provide User Profile Detail information such as user id, user name, and role information.

Enhancements to current endpoints

We have made existing fields optional query parameters for the following endpoints:

  • Code Tables API (/configuration/v1/code-tables) - This API will provide Code Table information with the ability to get and post information.

For the full list of API endpoints please refer to our developer documentation.