What's New: API Release July 2022

We are pleased to announce some important changes and additions in this month's release...

New service endpoints

We have exposed 18 new endpoints for our Customers and Partners to consume:

  • Benefit Reductions API (/configuration/v1/benefit-reduction) - This API will provide Benefit Reductions information such as deduction code, max/min age, and reduction percentage.
  • Insurance Rate API (/configuration/v1/insurance-rate) - This API will provide Insurance Rate information such as deduction code, min/max age, Smoker/Non-Smoker Male/Female rates for employee and employer.
  • Option Rate API (/configuration/v1/option-rate) - This API will provide Option Rate information such as deduction code, benefit option, and employee/employer rates.
  • Positions API (/configuration/v1/positions) - This API will provide Positions information such as position code, company Id, employee Type, and effective dates.
  • Roles API (/configuration/v1/roles) - This API will provide Roles information from the security roles table.
  • Shift Codes API (/configuration/v1/shift-codes) - This API will provide Shift Code information.
  • Earnings History Base Elements API (/payroll/v1/earnings-history-base-elements) - This API will provide Earning History Base Elements information such as company id, employee id, earning code, gennumber, period control, gross up data, and tax category.
  • PayGroup PayPeriods API (/payroll/v1/paygroup-payperiods) - This API will provide Pay Group Pay Period information such as pay group, pay dates (period start, period end, etc), date created/changed, is paygroup active, pay date sequence, and notes.
  • Audit Details API (/personnel/v1/audit-details) - This API will provide Audit Detail information such as audit date/time, audit labels, audit field name, audit table name, audit action, and audit old and new values.
  • Dependent Deductions API (/personnel/v1/dep-deductions) - This API will provide Dependent deduction information such as deduction code, deduction type, deduction notes, and dependent benefit information (status, dates).
  • Employee Cobra Details API (/personnel/v1/employee-cobra-details) - This API will provide Employee Cobra detail information such as cobra reason, cobra status, and cobra event date.
  • Employee Deduction Benefit Option Change Date API (/personnel/v1/emp-deductions-benefit-option-change-date) - This API will provide Employee deduction benefit option change date information.
  • Integration Audit Configuration API (/personnel/v1/integration-audit-configuration) - This API will provide Integration Audit Configuration information such as table name, and field name.
  • Business Structure Status API (/personnel/v1/integration/kronos/business-structure-status) - This API will provide Business Structure status information by listing all employees with a change in business structure.
  • Employee Status API (/personnel/v1/integration/kronos/employee-status) - This API will provide Employee status information such as employee id, company id, status, status start date, and status reason.
  • Employee Profiles API (/personnel/v1/integration/kronos/employee-profiles) - This API will provide Employee profile information such as employee id, company id, profile type, product, description, and dates (effective date, original hire date, last modified date).
  • Employee Pay Statement API This API will provide employee pay statement information for all employees and includes filtering for specific companies and employees. 
  • Earnings Code API This API will provide company level earnings codes information for all or filtered earnings. 

For the full list of API endpoints please refer to our developer documentation.