Expanded default/max pagination parameters

A number of published APIs include default pagination parameters for your reference. The default/max for those pages was 100 per page. We have now expanded the pagination parameters to 10,000 per page. The pages which include default pagination are noted below.

New Import Tool API Available

The new import tool API allows a user to POST an encoded XML transaction to the Import Tool. Transaction results can be viewed on the Administration > Integration Studio > Import Tool > Results page. Reference the Import Tool XML and Configuration Settings Guide for transaction details. There is also a GET API to allow a user to see the status of an Import Tool transaction. StagingID is from the response of a previous POST.

The headers go as follows:
Headers - US-Customer-Api-Key, Authorization (base64 encoded {username}:{password})

UltiPro Web Service Account Permission Changes

The Personnel Integration Service Account permissions (Menu > System Configuration > Security > Service Account Administration) have been separated into these separate Service Account permissions: (1) Global Employee Direct Deposit, (2) Employee Job History Details, (3) Employee Person Details, and (4) Employee Compensation Details. If View Only was granted for Personnel Integration, then View Only is now granted for these new Service Account permissions as well.