Partner Restrictions & Usage


By using this site Partners agree not use UltiPro Connect Services for service bureau use, outsourcing, renting, or time-sharing, use the Service for volume, stress, or performance testing activities without prior written permission from Ultimate Software, reprint, distribute, or embed any Ultimate Software Documentation or other content, copy, modify, create a derivative work of the Service or UltiPro Technologies, reverse engineer, reverse assemble, disassemble or decompile any part of the Service or UltiPro Technologies, attempt to discover any source code of the Service, modify the Service, or use unauthorized modified versions of the Service, use the Service, the UltiPro Technologies, or any products or services provided by Ultimate Software to develop a similar or competitive product or service, gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Service, interfere with or disrupt the Service or a Customer’s access to the Service, introduce any Open Source Software into the Service, or permit others, such as a competitor to Ultimate Software to use their licenses. 

Usage Guidelines 

Partners acknowledge and agree that UltiPro Connect and associated APIs are intended for the use of Ultimate Software Customers, Partners and authorized agents to build integrations and extensions relevant to intended operation of the Services including but not limited to: data import and export; configuration; automation; customer user interfaces; and integration with third party applications. Integrations must not use Services APIs, data import utilities or other mechanisms to store sensitive data in Service unless there is a Service feature specifically designed to store and manage such data. Sensitive data includes, but may not be limited to, any data in the following categories: social security number; driver’s license, personal identification, national identification number; bank account - routing number; bank account - account number; credit card number; CVV2/Sec. Code; card expiration date; debit or credit card (EMV) PIN; login name; screen name/nickname/handle; password; medical record numbers or any personally identifying health information; health plan beneficiary numbers; vehicle registration plate number; biometric data; and any regulated information not related to UltiPro human capital management services.