Betas for Partner Integrations

Once joint Ultimate & partner integrations have been verified & validated as performant, secure, & reliable we will want to conduct a controlled Beta with 2-5 joint customers. We will use findings & results of these test cases to improve the product/process, and to make a go/no go decision on launching the integration to the entire customer base.

Some of the profiles we will evaluate to identify joint customers for Beta are:

  • Customer Size?

  • Already Live?

Partner Launch Process

At this phase our teams have successfully created integrations between UltiPro and your product and have successfully verified/validated their performance, security, & reliability. They have even been able to conduct a successful Beta rollout with a few of our joint customers. Now it's time to make a splash and release our new joint integration to the market. Here is an outline of the process we'll follow:

Development Process for Partners

Note: This page describes the development process for Ultimate Partners only.

Integration development activities for partners with UltiPro Connect are grouped into a 3 phase development process: Plan, Build, and Launch. While these phases may sound simple, the business of integration with UltiPro requires a disciplined approach to be a success and delight our customers.

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