Web Service Accounts

UKG Pro APIs using Basic Authentication are only accessible with a web service account. UKG Pro users with system administrator rights can create web service accounts by navigating to System Configuration > Security > Service Account Administration. Like user accounts, web service accounts requires a unique username, password, and granular permissions. Permissions can be granted to one or more resource or method.

Best Practice

For security, only grant access to the API resources and actions a web service account will use.

Each web service account is assigned a unique user API key. This user API key along with the web service account username and password is necessary for authentication to an endpoint.

Add a Service Account

Service Endpoints

UKG Pro system administrators can locate the service endpoints by navigating to System Configuration > Security > Web Services. Each endpoint is made up of two parts: base service URL and resource path. The base service URL will be similar to "https://servicet.ultipro.com/services/", but will vary by customer datacenter and production/test environments. 

Service Account Setup